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Shoes may not be the most prominent clothing item, but they can make or break your overall appearance. As such, it is essential that you wear the right pair of shoes. If you have trouble deciding what kind of shoes to wear this spring, you should check out the latest shoe styles for the season. Here are the top spring shoe styles for 2012:

1) Cap-Toe Flats
Cap-toes are a classic embellishment for flats, and they will get a whole new look this spring. Some of the cap-toe flats that will be especially trendy this spring include those with brightly-colored cap toes, metallic cap-toes, and cut-out cap-toes. If you want to look exceptionally stylish, you can opt for flats that have a pointy cap-toe.

2) Abstract Prints
Make a major fashion statement by wearing shoes that feature super-trendy abstract prints. Abstract prints can be found on all kinds of shoes, including sandals, slip-ons, wedges, and platforms, and you can easily find a suitable pair for any occasion.

3) Flatforms
Flatforms were considered a somewhat controversial trend in 2011, but this does not mean that you should write them off. Looking a lot more chic than the previous year’s versions, they are expected to be a hot fashion item this year. Low-rise flatforms are especially popular, but if you do not like the completely leveled look, you can get a pair that rises slightly at the back.

4) Two-Strap Flat Sandals
During the warmer times of the year, flat sandals are one of the preferred kinds of footwear. The hottest style for flat sandals this spring is the two-strap flat sandals. These sandals have one strap around the toes and another around the ankle. They are the ultimate minimalist sandals, and they can make you look more chic and effortlessly stylish.

5) Colorful Boat Shoes
Get in touch with your inner preppy self by wearing brightly-colored boat shoes. Shoe designers have given these wonderful shoes a whole new look with fun colors. Whether you prefer primary shades, pastels, or neons, you can find a pair that suits your taste. If you want to create a more unique look, you can opt for a pair with floral print.

6) Transparent Shoes
Transparent shoes appeared in most major fashion shows last year, and they will continue to be a big trend this year. These shoes are made with chiffon, plastic, and other transparent materials, and they look very interesting and sexy.

7) Embellished Shoes
Embellishments make shoes look more unique and exotic, and they will be widely featured in many top designers’ spring collections. You can expect to see shoes with bows, buckles, jewels, fringes, feathers, and petals on runways this spring. sepatu converse klasik¬†Embellished shoes can come in many different forms, including high heels, wedges, sandals, and boots.

8) Boot Sandals and Cowboy Boots
Boot sandals and cowboy boots will also be a top footwear trend this spring. These shoes are great because they can be worn with jeans and skirts of any length.

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