Exciting Things Done With Boyfriend

Having a new boyfriend certainly, makes you flowery. All the activities done with your new boyfriend are so much fun. Take a walk to the mall, go to the movies, and eat together so it’s a routine you never miss.

But what if your relationship in the future, if only dating with classical activities earlier? So that your relationship is not boring later, yuk contact tips of exciting things that can be done holiday with a Rental Mobil Murah Jakarta !

If you and your girlfriend both love indie music, it could be the right hobby to channel it. Try to invite your girlfriend to watch favorite gigs together. Songs that you can sing together can add to the warmth and familiarity of your relationship. It must be an unforgettable moment for you.

can be an exciting dating idea for a new couple. Although your voice is both mediocre, it could be adding to the excitement with a boyfriend. Your excitement when karaoke definitely make you not jam because it is still very new courtship. You two can girls-mad together with a playlist of songs from dangdut songs until the song is upset.


Yup, a picnic can also be a fresh idea for your courtship activities. You and your girlfriend can go together like to a tourist attraction or just to the city park. In order to add romance, you can bring your own handmade food. When picnics you can talk about anything, which can make you more familiar with each other.

Sports together

The idea of ​​courting this one is not just a new idea of ​​dating for you, but you also can be a bonus body so healthy and fit. Yup, sports together with girlfriend certainly can add your spirit. Do not need much gelatin costs, you can add to your familiarity.

That’s an exciting dating idea that you can do with a new girlfriend to keep your relationship going bored hehe good tomorrow try!

A couple who are in love with consciousness or unconsciously will do the “crazy” and romantic things in the relationship. No matter where they are, they will often see each other with a loving look, make the people around them jealous, let alone the singles! Well, there are many other romantic things that are usually done by a pair of lovers who again in love. Anything? Check out below guys!


One of the most romantic things couples can do is look at each other. From there it can be seen how your relationship goes. Watch out for salting. When you are alone with the doi try occasionally you look him in the eye if he has a problem or happy will be seen from his eyes therein the most romantic moments that will make you open “Estella” between each other.

Some lovers have unique/funny calls to each of them. Call like Bubu, Miu, Mimi, babe, and cheek is a funny call/dear to doi look for the most different nickname from others it makes your relationship more sticky lot.

When you’re going out with him and he tells everyone that you belong to him is a very rare thing. If something like this happens, then you are the luckiest person! Because with that he felt very happy because he felt in admitting that you are the person he most loved as his soul mate.

Wearing a couple’s clothes, or just keeping it (even kissing it) is one of the most frequently performed by lovable lovers. You know? By smelling her perfume she will feel that you are nearby.

A gentle kiss on the lips followed by a kiss on the forehead by saying “I love you” is the most romantic thing you can get. Remember not too much.
One of the tips for couples add love to you is through his “stomach”. Yes, a man or woman is very happy to be fed food by his partner there you will see Bhawan you are very careful of him.

Give each other a homemade gift (handmade) is one of the most romantic things. In addition, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy expensive gifts for him.
Women are very liked to be given small and sweet attention such as head rubbed, forehead kicked or hand held up while walking. Things like this that can then make a woman noticed and also cherished

Getting compliments from the loved ones will make a woman or man feel good. In praise, you do not need to overdo it. You just need to praise his looks or his intelligence. It will definitely make him feel confident and feel that you really want it.

Although things like this are not important to men, women are very appreciative of them. Therefore, try to remember the important things in your life both as when you first met, dating, invented, married or anniversary date

Although the girlfriend is not hobby photographs like us, he is happy to immortalize moments with us. But, do not overdo it like always photo selfie and post to social media every goes together. But the moment we make it make us and boyfriend can remember the moments from the beginning of courtship until now

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