Holiday Tips Exploring the Earth

With the rise of tourists in Indonesia who want to know more in their own country makes a lot of excuses for tourists to wonder “Distance Destination ?, Cost Towards Tourism Object ?, and How Does it Work?” Of course, that question will make you lazy to walk and see the beauty of this Mother Earth Guys!
Tips below will help a few friends solve the problem to not delay your traveling time again guys!

Before you prepare your rucksack or suitcase, it would be nice to check back on the departure date and also the weather when you are leaving. Of course, Indonesia has 2 Season does not mean all tourist destinations match you visit every time with Bus Pariwisata. There are some less suitable destinations when you visit during the rainy season such as (ex Karimunjawa, Green Canyon etc) the reason is that the waves and also the water are not so clear. But this is not a barrier for you who want to walk because Indonesia is vast, so look for the right place on your departure date.

For those of you who want to save for the trip certainly you will calculate a lot of expenditure during a vacation, well so as not to waste time and according to your wishes then try to consider also the local climate schedule. But sometimes you also have to stay away from certain seasons such as High Season Because generally during a long holiday (High Season) some facilities such as Accommodation and Transport will also increase the price.

Traveling to Papua to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural beauty of Papua is not classified as a tour full of luxury. However, the opportunity to vacation to Papua itself is a luxury.
“Exploring Papua is not a luxury tour, but enjoying Papua’s nature, which is rare for people to get there, it’s so luxurious, not everyone gets this chance,” said Deputy Director-Head of Retail Car Financing, Niko Kurniawan,

Niko commented on the winners of the competition and the photo “Pesona Wisata Negeriku” in the framework of the program “Jelajah Bumi Papua – with Adira Faces of Indonesia”. Together with Adira Finance, they will explore Papua on

“Papua is not a luxury trip but a holiday to Papua and free is a fancy luxury,” said one judge of the race program “Jelajah Bumi Papua” as well as a travel blogger, Marischka Prudence, on the same occasion.

“I myself dream to be able to go to Papua, but not yet Kampman,” said President Director of PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Willy Suwandi Darma, while laughing.

Willy said, through the program, it hopes to increase the love of Indonesian people against their country. So, not only foreign tourists who travel to Papua but also domestic tourists.

“People know about Singapore but we do not know Papua We know Thailand but do not know Labuan Bajo Many people do not know there is Komodo Island near Labuan Bajo, the beach is nice, then there is the pink sand beach, but Singapore’s turn know very well,” he said.

Therefore, PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance established Adira Faces of Indonesia portal to show the beauty of Indonesia, as well as various programs on Indonesian tourism.


French International School Students Louis-Charles Dumais Jakarta learn to know the culture of the tribe of Kamoro from Papua at their school in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/3/2012). (KOMPAS / IWAN SETIAWAN)
“We expect more people to create beautiful articles and beautiful photos about Indonesia,” said Willy.
The same thing also disclosed Niko. He hopes more and more people are telling about the beauty of Indonesia, including Papua, to grow a love for Indonesia.

“And people are attracted to the Lake Sentani Festival, to the Baliem Valley, hoping that with these visits, the local economy can also increase,”

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