Tips on Renting a Tourism Bus in Jakarta

Various tourism bus rental companies are present in Jakarta. All this is due to the many requests for rental of tourist buses that exist in this area. The high demand for rental of tour buses is due to Yogyakarta being one of the tourism centers in Indonesia. Every day hundreds or even thousands of tourists come to need a bus fleet that can bring many tourists. With the existence of many tourism rental bus providers to make tourists do not have to worry about difficulties when going to rent a tour bus. But for those who have never hired the following tips from us when going to rent a cheap bus in Jakarta

Find full info about bus rental in Jakarta

The first thing to do when going to rent a bus rental is to find as much information about rental cars in Jogja. Information on bus rentals can be found on the internet or in newspapers. By using internet facilities it will facilitate you when looking for a bus rental in Jogja. Simply by typing Bus Pariwisata Jakarta in search engine then a list of bus rental will come out. Also, check the reputation of the rental whether it can be trusted or not. You can contact the rental and inquire about the rental price and so forth.

Make sure the type of bus you are going to rent

The next step is to make sure the type of bus you are going to rent. There are various buses you can rent on a car rental in Jakarta. Not to mention every bus rental has different types of bus capacity and car body. Of course, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So make sure what kind of bus you want to rent so as not to be disappointed and disturbing when traveling.

Ask about bus rental rates

The last tip is no less important is do not forget to ask about the price of bus rental to the provider of bus rental services. Although already listed on the website but there is no harm if you keep asking the price of this vehicle rental. Because you can nego about the price of car rental rates. Also, ask about your rights and obligations during the lease period to avoid misunderstanding.

Demikan tips to rent a car rental car in Jogja from us. There are still many other tips that we will discuss on the other occasion. Hopefully, our explanation above can be useful and can be an additional reference for you when going to rent this vehicle in Jakarta.

Tips for Renting a Tour Bus in Jakarta As our commitment to provide the best service in its class and as a trusted travel company we give special prices for the White Horse Group Tourism Bus. As for usability we can serve the needs: Tourism, Shuttle Hotel Company or Sekolahan (shuttle) Fleet Mudik and so forth

So do not hesitate to contact us directly through the available phone line, we will gladly serve you to give our Best Fleet Unit. Hopefully, with this information, our business relationship is still running in accordance with our expectations all.


PT. Weha Transportasi Indonesia, Tbk is an open company (JAK: WEHA) with main business on land transportation and holds ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification for all its fleet. White Horse Group consistently delivers top quality transportation services based on CHAMPS principles: Comfortable (Affordable) Hospitable (Affordable) Modern, Punctual (Safe) and Safe (Convenient).

It is an honor for us to be recognized as a trusted company by a leading business magazine in Indonesia for 4 years in a row. And we are even more proud that our driver was honored as an exemplary driver by Jakarta Transportation Department.

As a transportation supporter of tourism, our presence has been recognized by the Government of DKI Jakarta with awarded Adikarya Wisata, an award from the Ministry of Transportation as the Best Transportation Company, and awarded from ITTA Foundation as Indonesia Leading Coach / Bus Company and Indonesia Leading Taxi / Limousine Company.
Speaking of tour buses is currently one of the commodities are quite promising because the community needs to travel the group is also increasing. However, in choosing a vehicle rental service provider company must be accompanied with precision and accuracy. The journey that we do along with the entourage whether it is small or large must provide comfort and security accordingly. Therefore, we can not rent a bus carelessly. Prepare the things below before you decide which car rental service provider you want to choose:
The Type of Bus You Need

White Horse offers the types of vehicles that can be rented for various travel needs. Starting from the executive taxi, until the Tourism Bus. There are also Canary transport and Gray Line for those of you who need it. So, adjust the type of vehicle with what you need. Carefully calculate the number of passengers with the capacity of the vehicle you wish to rent as it concerns safety and comfort.
Price Agreement

There are certain prices of services. Therefore, you can directly contact the Whitehorse agent and then ask for information related to the rental price and facilities offered. The price offered Whitehorse group is competitive enough so you do not have to worry about running out of a budget. To contact the sales marketing of Whitehorse group, you can contact it by phone number or hotline available. Or, you can also go directly to headquarters and Whitehorse pool available in various big cities like Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and so forth.
Initial Facilities With Initial Information

Make sure you also book the bus with the required facilities. Facilities also usually affect the rental price. However, you do not need to worry because the facilities offered white horse group certainly will not disappoint. You and the tour group will be pampered with a variety of supporting facilities so that travel is not boring.
In order for your business or leisure trip and entourage to run smoothly and pleasantly, make sure you order a vehicle rental service in the white horse in advance to choose the type of vehicle is still a lot and you do not run out of fleets. By preparing the right transportation, your trip will feel comfortable and safe.

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