Tips on choosing and buying a good used car and still feasible to use


Tips on choosing and buying a good used car and still worth taking. Before deciding to buy a car, of course, many things that you should look in advance, especially if the car you want to purchase is a used car. Naturally treatment will be different by choosing a new car.

Be careful in choosing a used car is a very important mobil honda semarang thing for any prospective customers in order to avoid incidents did not wear that makes you feel upset at a later date. Sales of used cars are very different with the new car.

If a new car can easily be found in the showroom business entity, used cars can be owned by individuals. In addition, it is possible there are also some unscrupulous traders who may be dishonest to buyers, such as offering a high price to the purchaser but did not pay attention to the quality of cars sold.

Used car salesman who is experienced certainly has tips and ways to make the car fast merchandise is sold, that is why the buyer should be careful when choosing a used car before purchase is to know in detail the condition of the car to be purchased. One that often escape the rigor buyers that the interior side.

So you can easily explore the detail car before purchase. Here are tips on choosing a good used car and still feasible to use that you must consider:

1. Background car
If it is possible, try to trace the origins of the car and find out why the car is sold, what had been a collision / accident, what ever flooded, who the previous owner and others. Do not forget to observe in detail in terms of both interior and exterior.

2. Ask for help from friends
If you do not understand about the car’s engine, it helps if you invite a friend who understands the machine to help you pick the right car.

3. Look for a car that is still smooth
You should look for a car that is still smooth, not a used car collision. This is to anticipate the things you do not want in the future. Used car collision will usually have a lot of problems. The characteristics of the used car collision usually seen from the car body berdempul and not smooth anymore. To check use a magnet to perform checks on the thickness of the putty. If not easily attached means still thick putty.

4. Do a test drive
Despite the former, the price of the car is still in the range of tens of millions. Therefore, you should still be careful in choosing. So you do not regret in the future, you should do a test drive first so that you are absolutely sure and definitely before you buy. Used car is still good necessarily have a voice machine that still sounds fine with the legs and the suspension still feels soft.

5. Check the mileage
So you avoid getting used car that may have previously been used as a rental car or a rental, you should also check the mileage of the vehicle. See and observe the vehicle mileage is proportional to the year of manufacture. If you find that the mileage does not correspond to the manufacture of cars, then think again before you even buy it. In general, a distance of privately owned cars average around 15-20 thousand kilometers annually.

6. Check the dashboard panel and indicator lights
Ask the seller to start the engine and check all functions of the panel and indicator lights that are on the car dashboard. Ensure that all panels are functioning properly and the indicator lights in accordance with their respective functions.

7. Estimated expenditures servicing and spare parts
Of course, other than you have to spend money to buy a used car, you also must do calculations and estimated costs for servicing. Therefore, if you see a lot of flaws and problems in cars such as the rusty body, which does not sound smooth engine, transmission and other problems, it is advisable to look for other used cars.

8. Features entertainment
Despite the former, car output in the 2000s late own completeness entertainment features like a portable television, a CD player, USB port plugs, Air Conditioner (AC) and others. If you get these features, of course, can be a plus for the vehicle.

9. Ceiling and cabins
Check the first section and the cabin ceiling. Make sure these two things really still in a good state and functioning optimally. Moreover, at the ceiling as if the ceiling is thin or damaged, then the temperature inside the vehicle can get very hot during the day.

10. Tools (tool kit)
Do not forget to ask the seller any tools that may be sold along with the car. Used car equipped with standard tooling equipment such as a screwdriver, flashlight, jack, fire extinguisher, P3K box would be very good if it is available. Additionally, you can save a bit of money because no longer need to stop by to purchase tooling at auto supply stores.

11. Letters vehicle
Make sure if the used car you want to buy has documents and papers are complete and original vehicle. Besides vehicle tax should also be valid so that you avoid trouble when the administration of the vehicle or when deciding to perform mutation or behind the name on your own behalf.

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