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Sprinkler systems and Hydrant

Firefighting water distribution system was taken from groundtank / reservoir using a pump Main Fire Pump, Diesel Fire Pump and Pump Jocky. Piping installation system this fire can separate [play pump hydrant and main pump sprinkler] or can become one with the through pipe header [fire play pump, diesel fire pump and jocky pump] and …


The incredible photo trick for Android you did not know

Thanks to our Android phones we can teach you really spectacular tricks when taking pictures. Many of them are only known by the most professional, and surely you never would have thought that you could do them with your Android terminal. Today, we are going to teach you how to make spectacular photographs with a …


LG would be posing once again a LG G6 “Mini”

Since the arrival of the LG G4 the South Korean company has always produced a kind of trimmed version of the top of the range in question, such as the LG G4c or the LG G5 Mini. Apparently the LG G6, this year’s flagship of LG, is not going to be less and will have …