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Land Investment in the UK

Halal investment has increased in popularity worldwide in recent years. Many Muslim and ethical investors explore it to gain a good profit from their savings while clinging to their religious and spiritual beliefs. Financial and investment products that meet the requirements of Sharia law are still not fully developed and very few investment avenues can …


Reasons for Survey Your Land

While ground surveying may seem tedious and unnecessary, there are actually many cases where you should own the land surveyed, to save confusion or legal problems later on. If you have two surveys, they almost always have little difference, because the ground survey is the same as art as science. Measurements are always subject to …


Career In the Land Survey

Why wars usually begin? The war began often for a boundary has been crossed. Many neighbors have a small problem because the boundary. It is important to assign ownership when contemplating the swing set, fence and permanent structures. That set such limits? It is the professional duty of a land surveyor. Surveyors land jasa ukur …